Earlier this spring I announced we would be launching a series of 5-course pop-up dinners aimed at catering to our local Vancouver community. We’ve been delighted with the overwhelming response. From the very beginning of this project, we’ve focused on a simple but important goal: Bringing people together to share food grown, foraged and prepared locally with love. Since May 4th, over 150 Vancouverites have gathered at the long table at my home in Kits to share fine cuisine and laughs while connecting with others in the community. It has offered a place for us to share in meaningful conversation with those who we otherwise may have only exchanged pleasantries, or perhaps never spoken to at all. Watching these dinners evolve has truly been a beautiful thing to witness. Most guests having purchased a ticket with the sole intention of dining on great food, but leaving with a new friend or alternate perspective. It has truly been an amazing transformation to witness, and has grown beyond my expectations.

Often overlooked in our busy lives is the importance of connection with community and land. Coming together at the table has been instrumental in our evolution as social beings. It has been the foundation of our social tribal structure dating back to our primitive roots. From sharing hunted game huddled around the fire to our modern dinner table, we came together to share the fruits of our efforts or the hard work of our neighbors. The communal meal is a place of equality and connection where we all have a chance to celebrate the nourishment that the land provides us. And although it can be easy to lose touch and forget the hard work that puts food on our tables, our attraction to these rituals runs deep in our bones. Ultimately we all crave nourishment, from our neighbors, tribes and from nature.

As we break from the long table for a very busy summer season, We’re already looking forward to the next round coming early September. When late summer begins to bring forth new flavours and colours, we will once again be welcoming more of our human community to join us at the table.

Many thanks to all the friends, new and old who have joined us this season. Looking forward to our Fall reunion!


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