Private Dining Space in Kitsilano


While we remain mobile and available onsite to cater throughout Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria and all over Vancouver Island, we do also offer a comfortable 400 square foot long table private dining space in Kitsilano for more intimate gatherings.

With a focus on foods grown and harvested locally, in the spirit of the hundred-mile diet, we are offering a unique service to the city: A comfortable, all-inclusive customizable event space without the noise and hassle of restaurant dining at a lower cost. We also offer the benefit of the freshest produce in town,  growing right in its very own mini greenhouse space. We produce almost all greens and edible flowers on site. 

 We’re committed to sourcing exclusively locally grown and foraged products, taking into account the language of nature. When we harvest locally, we build community with land and nature. Menus, service and anything that can be imagined and reasonably performed is fully customizable. Our beautiful, rustic enclosed patio space has hosted Sunday buffets, corporate gatherings, Christmas parties even live musical performances.

In a time where so many of us are disconnected from nature, from our food, farmers and often our communities, great food can bridge that gap. We’ve created and are offering a space for the exploration of connection to food and community. It is no secret that the way we choose to share our food and our dining rituals are often neglected in our fast-paced city lives. What is often overlooked is the importance of dining rituals. Our participation with the food process connects us, it reinforces these values of respect for the farmers and nature. This has been our way throughout history, only recently have we become so disconnected from our food. This disconnection is very apparent in the way we treat our livestock and our lands. When we support farmers who respect the animals and the land, this comes out in the meal. From soil to belly, we’re respecting the path.

Our current food system is a direct reflection of our disconnection with nature. We see it every day as we watch those around us eating for the sake of eating then rushing back to their busy lives. Such a practice has been proven time after time in test after test to be both mentally and physically exhausting, unhealthy and unsustainable. When we eat out of necessity rather than taking the time to sit and enjoy their food, we lose touch with these two critical elements to our well being and our health suffers because of it.

On the contrary, when we choose to share good, honest meals together we are far more relaxed. We enable ourselves to direct life happier and more efficiently. Our philosophy as well as my own as a personal chef is that changing our attitude and relationship with our food is the single most important decision we can make towards improving health and well-being. Our connection to nature, to each other, and celebrating these bonds is the key to improving our relationship with the environment as well as the community.

It all begins with taking the time and committing to putting our health and well-being first. Wellness begins with the right menu to suit your culinary tastes and health requirements.