With the arrival of the sun and longer days, vancouverites are noticeably lighter. Everyone seems to have a certain pep in their step as we slide into summer.

If there’s anyone more happy to see the sun coming out than the people of Vancouver, it’s our plant allies. After a long, wet winter, the greens and flowers respond and the new beginning vibes of spring fill the air with those familiar scents and colours we love.

We’re equally (if not more) as excited as our green babies that spring has sprung. Our greenhouse space is teaming with life as flowers bloom and sprouts push into the sky. This marks the perfect time to share our excitement by re-introducing our long table pop-up dinners. From May 11th to July 1 we’ll be hosting a series of 5 course dinners with seatings at 6pm and 8:20. Come check out the flavours of the west coast with pescatarian and vegan options available. Organic gourmet cuisine at it’s finest!

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