Today I wish to express my gratitude. Over the past two years of my career as a personal catering chef, I have had the chance to explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest coast with some truly awesome humans aboard M/Y Oriana. Check out this breathtaking interpretation of our gorgeous coast captured from the deck of Oriana by Hank Hill of East Cherry. Also, note a few food clips from your favorite catering chef throughout the video 😉


It seems as though every trip I’ve been apart of in the past two years of working with Oriana has brought with it it’s own lovely surprise. On a warm summer’s evening, there’s nothing quite like enjoying an ocean sunset from the open bistro-style sundeck.

The crew aboard Oriana is second to none when it comes to combining genuine enthusiasm and hospitality to charter guests. Owner and friend Mark Sager are reinventing what it means to be the owner of a luxury vessel. Never have I witnessed the owner of a large vessel as her take such an active part in the daily operation. From driving to engine work, Mark knows his vessel inside and out and shows no hesitation when getting into the greasy jobs.

For my second summer working with her, I have had the extreme honor to accompany Oriana as she carves through the inlets and crosses the straights. As she stops to visit old friends and explore the unknown, I cannot help but feel deep gratitude for these waters and the life that they sustain. After many years of travel as a catering chef and explorer, I truly believe that the unceded Coast Salish land where I reside, to be host to the most beautiful coastal waters on the planet.

And so I wish to thank you all! As the summer turns to fall, I’ll keep our adventures close to my cold, black chef heart as we say goodbye to the long days and warmth of the desolation sound waters.

Looking forward to catering on this gorgeous gal on her future expeditions!

Check out Oriana Yacht Charters for more details on Chartering Oriana.

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