First and foremost, we are committed to sourcing exclusively sustainable ingredients. This means organic produce that is seasonal, local and fresh never containing any form of GMO for both health and ethical reasons. We grow a substantial portion of greens, herbs, garnish and edible flowers in our in house organic greenhouse. We do the research to ensure that all meat and dairy is organic and/or grass fed from happy, healthy animals with animal welfare held in the highest regard. Seafood choices are wild or farmed with sustainability coming first and always Oceanwise approved.

We believe that the best tasting food is the direct result of produce grown with love. Local and fresh is the key! Great lengths are explored to ensure that the food on the plate has been sourced from farms who care not only about production but quality and environmental impact as a whole.

All the real deep new emerging sciences
are confirming what we have known for centuries,
that the earth is living and everything is connected.


Sustainability Continued


The Pacific Northwest is truly an amazing place to eat! Our coast hosts a rich variety of sea life that is among the most bio-diverse marine habitats on the planet. We’re living on the shores of the marine equivalent in biodiversity to the Amazon jungle. These cold waters produce some of the most delicious seafood in the world. Cold waters rich in plankton produce fat and flavorful seafood rich in omega fatty acids. We’re truly blessed to have this bounty at our doorstep.

This being noted, we’re pushing the boundaries with local fish populations. Sourcing exclusively the most sustainable fish, harvested with the sustainability of future generations in mind is of utmost importance. The only way to responsibly enjoy this bounty is to ensure that the choices we make are made ethically so that generations to come can experience what we have seen, tasted and come to love.

 Food is our connection. It transcends cultural boundaries and allows us to connect universally even in instances where language may fail.

Among the many wonderful culinary experiences we’ve had traveling the world, there has always been a common theme. That theme being that the meal is an expression of the language of the land. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have our own language. Each growing season has a way of offering us what we need, both nutritionally and palate pleasing. As the season’s change, our environment begins to produce the type of foods that our bodies need and crave.

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