From my earliest days of catering in the private chef world, risotto has always been a staple. With such an abundance of gorgeous fungi at our disposal here in Vancouver, mushroom risotto is an obvious and delicious marriage. I hope you enjoy one of my personal favorites:

For the wild mushroom risotto

To add extra delicious mushroomy goodness to your risotto, I highly suggest taking the time to a mushroom stock to add to your risotto as it cooks. Here’s the one I use:

For the mushroom stock

15ml grapeseed oil
2pc bay leaf
1pc bunch thyme
2cups mushroom stems and peels
2cups organic button mushroom sliced
2L water (or enough to cover the solids)

– ‘sweat’ mushrooms and stems on medium/low until aromatic (2minutes)
– add herbs and top with water, bring to a boil
– reduce heat to a barely simmer for 30 minutes
– strain, squeezing solids as they will still hold flavor. refrigerate for up to 1 week or freeze

for the risotto

1lbs butter
1 chopped yellow onion (to roughly the size of a rice grain)
5 cloves garlic minced
500g arborio rice
500ml white wine
2x bay leaves
2l stock of choice or water (at a low boil)
30ml grapeseed oil
3cups chanterelle, pine, or other wild mushrooms
150 g mascarpone cheese
150 g parmesan reggiano cheese

– ‘sweat’ onion and garlic with butter in a large, shallow pan
– add rice, stick until translucent (1-2 mins)
– add w wine, bay leaves and reduce by 1/2
– stir continuously while adding boiling stock for about 25mins.*(excess risotto may be cooled and set aside at al dente, refrigerated and used up to one week or freeze)
– briefly saute wild mushrooms, one cup at a time on medium-high heat in hot oil, season, chop to the desired size and set aside ensuring oil drains off well.
– finish with desired ingredients, cheese, season and serve.

(Recipe from Kyle Gerrard A Private Chef From Vancouver who offers catering and personal cooking services)